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CfP - World Congress 2014

The Research Committee is now accepting proposals for papers and panels for the IPSA 2014 World Congress, to be held 19-24 July in Montreal. The theme of the Congress is "Challenges of Contemporary Governance."

The deadline for open paper and panel submissions directly to IPSA closed in July 2013. The RC 14 has agreed to sponsor or co-sponsor five panels (4-6 papers each) proposed in July on the following topics:

  • Ethnicity and Human Security South Asia
  • The Phenomonology of Nationalism
  • Ethnic Quotas and Ethnic Representation
  • The (Re)definition of Citizenship
  • Minority Representation in Upper Chambers

Additional panel themes could include, but are not limited to:

  • The Scottish Independence referendum (or independence referenda generally)
  • Emerging ethnic conflicts
  • Ethnic identity formation and politicization
  • Institutional structures / democracy and ethnopolitical mobilization
  • Implications of the global financial crisis on ethnic politics
  • Regionalism

All proposals should be sent to Britt Cartrite (cartrite@alma.edu).

  • For paper proposals, you must include a title, brief abstract (250 words), and your full contact information. Also, please indicate if you would be willing to serve as a chair/discussant on another panel and what panel(s) you feel your paper would be most suitable for.
  • For panel proposals, you must include a proposed panel title, the name and contact information for the chair, the name and contact information for the discussant, and please indicate proposed papers to be included on the panel, if known.

Published on Friday, August 16 2013 by Britt Cartrite